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Welcome To
4th Global Congress and Expo on

Advance 3D Printing and Modelling

THEME: Exploring New Innovations in 3D Printing and Modelling
September 18-19, 2023

About Advance 3D Printing and Modelling

4th Global Congress and Expo on Advance 3D Printing and Modelling” This event is planned during September 18-19, 2023 and attempts to bring many Prominent Speakers, Professors, Deans, Surgeons, Physicians, Medical and Industrial Professionals, Young Researchers, Student Delegates, and Business Delegates, together with information-packed Workshops, will fill the agenda.

This year we are focusing on the theme “Exploring New Innovations In 3D Printing And Modelling". 3D Printing is also known as Additive manufacturing. It turns digital 3D models into compact substances by building them up in layers. The technology was first invented in the 1980s, and since then it has been used for rapid prototyping (RP). However, within a previous couple of years, 3D printing has additionally started to progress into a next-generation manufacturing technology that has the potential to permit the local, on-demand production of final products. This skill is used in the fields of jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, and many others.

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Advances in 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Technology

Advanced technologies for 3D printing and additive manufacturing and the way these technologies have changed the face of direct, digital technologies for rapid production of models, prototypes and patterns. Because of its wide applications, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology have become a strong new historic period within the field of manufacturing. The evolution of 3D printing and additive work technologies has changed design, engineering and manufacturing processes across industries like consumer products, aerospace, medical devices and automotive. The objective is to help designers, R&D personnel, and practising engineers understand the state-of-the-art developments in the field of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

Track 2: Applications of 3D Printing in Health Care & Medicine

3D Printing has been useful in medicine since the 2000s. For manufacturing of custom prosthetics and dental implants, it had been first used then onwards the medical applications for 3D Printing have evolved significantly. By the use of 3D printing, we can produce exoskeletons, windpipes, jawbones, bones, ears, blood vessels, vascular networks, tissues, eyeglasses, cell

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : Advances in 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Technology
  • Track 2 : Applications of 3D Printing in Health Care & Medicine
  • Track 3 : Innovations in 3D Printing
  • Track 4 : Design for 3D Printing
  • Track 5 : 3D Modelling
  • Track 6 : 3D Printing Materials
  • Track 7 : 3D Printing Future Technology
  • Track 8 : Benefits of 3D Printing and Technology
  • Track 9 : 3D Printing Technology Impact on Manufacturing Industry
  • Track 10 : 3D Printing Technology & Market
  • Track 11 : 3D Bio printing

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Organizing Committee Member

Larisa Zolotova
Ephraim Suhir
 Soshu Kirihara
Guoqian Chen
Karen Abrinia
Wassila Issaadi


Soshu Kirihara
Subham Banerjee
Wei Min Huang
Heli Kangas
Sini Metsa Kortelainen
Leka Sri C
HamidReza Vanaei
 Muhammad Imran Asghar
Alex LIu

Market Research

3D Printing 2022 welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world. We are pleased to welcome all of you to attend and register for the “Global Congress and Expo on Advance 3D printing & Modelling” (3D Printing 2022) which is going to be held during February 21-22, 2022.

3D Printing 2022 focusing on sustainability concept implemented in design and construction of 3D materials in industries. It also discusses various advantages, innovations and modelling in all sectors. We welcome you to join along with us at the 3D Printing -2022, where you will make sure to have a significant involvement with researchers from around the globe. All the individuals of 3D Printing-2022 organizing committee look forward to meet you in the webinar.

Scope and Importance:

It is estimated that the overall market for 3D printing will have developed to around 15.9 billion dollars before the end of 2016. The 3D printing business sector is relied upon to achieve USD 30.19 Billion by 2022, developing at a CAGR of 28.5% somewhere around 2016 and 2022. As indicated by the IDC experts, worldwide incomes for the 3D printing business sector will detonate to a gigantic $35.4 billion by the year 2020. With 2016 revenue it is anticipated that it would reach $15.9 billion that implies the business will be doubled in the following five years. Generally speaking, the complex yearly development rate for the worldwide ma

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