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Conferences Mind conferences are accredited with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Education (CE), Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits respectively. This is the best platform of the worldwide Conferences, Symposia, Workshops and Exhibitions, include all major science (Medical, Clinical, Pharma, Life Science), Technology (Robotics, Mechatronics), Business Management and Engineering.
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Create all types of Educational, Innovational & Reasechable Physical conferences & Web conferences. 

Hi, This is Sonia Davis as a Senior Conference Organizer at Conference Mind, I and my expert team will be supporting & coordinating with you to create a conference/webinar and make it successful.
Kindly share your details and requirements through the below form or directly connect me with mail, phone, and through social media 
Sonia Davis
SCO | Conference Mind
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We are supporting the Government and Private Organizations, Institutions, Universities, Colleges, Companies, Laboratories, Specific organizations, and people to create a spectacular conference/webinar and make it successful. 


1. Fully Set-Up: We are providing all need set up for making a conference & webinar successful.  Like features: Organizer, Hosting, Moderator, Communicator, Digitalization, Print, Paper Work, Venue selection and arrangement, Promotion, Media Partner, Collaborator, Travel, certificate, Award  and Eminence Organizing Committee 

2. Foreign Reputed Personalities: We are providing foreign reputed, eminence, expertise personalities in relevant field as an honorable Keynote, Speaker, Guest, Editor and Delegate.

3. Publishing: We are supporting to the researchers to publish own research article/abstract/Full paper and get benefit like. More impact scoop of index Award and honarium


After Finish a minimum of one conference/webinar then we will provide a platform a Multi Organizations Conference & Webinar (MOC). Where a conference/webinar organized by multiple organizations. That helps for the conferenconal Community. 

Conferences By Country

We are covering morethan 50 countries. For organising physical conferences, Most conferences organising countries