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Welcome To
9th World Congress on

Cancer Research and Therapy

THEME: Building Bridges to Overcome Cancer Free World

About Cancer Research and Therapy

The 9th World Congress on Cancer Research and Therapy is scheduled for October 25-26 2024 Cancer Therapy Conference runs with the theme “Building Bridges to Overcome Cancer-Free World”. We are beaming to welcome all the leading researchers, delegates, scientists, scholars, and professors to take part in this approaching conference to witness precious scientific discussions and bestow future improvement in the field of Cancer and oncology. This Conference will emphasize the informative research on its impact on clinical outcomes, through poster and or nm mal demonstrations, educational workshop sessions, and noteworthy plenary presentations. Cancer Research 2024 is a perfect podium to find out how cancer research advances obliging the Medical, Health, and human society. Cancer Conference will principally highlight the recent matters during the event, which reflect present education, developments, research, and innovations globally in the fields of cancer, oncology, and medical sectors.

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Cancer Science

Cancer is a get-together of contaminations joining unusual cell change with the probability to attack or spread to different parts of the body. These rise up out of liberal tumours, which don't spread to different parts of the body. Possible signs and indications unite a thump, intriguing kicking of the pail, conceded hack, unexplained weight diminishes, and an adjustment in gut advancements. Tobacco use is the purpose of around 22% of harm passing. Another 10% are a result of heftiness, an awful eating schedule, nonappearance of physical activity, and irrational drinking of alcohol. Diverse factors join certain pollutions, introduction to ionizing radiation, and natural toxic substances. In the making scene, 15% of developments are a direct result of maladies, for instance, Helicobacter pylori, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, human papillomavirus sullying, Epstein–Barr disease, and human immunodeficiency contamination.

  • Prostate cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Oesophageal cancer
  • Breast & ovarian cancer
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Gastrointestinal cancer
  • Bile Duc

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    Tracks and Key Topics

    • Track 1 : Cancer Science
    • Track 2 : Cancer Research and Autoimmune Diseases
    • Track 3 : Cancer Immunology
    • Track 4 : Cancer: Lifestyle and Nutrition
    • Track 5 : Chemotherapy
    • Track 6 : Breast Cancer
    • Track 7 : Gynaecologic Cancer Prevention and Control
    • Track 8 : Clinical Oncology
    • Track 9 : Pediatric Oncology
    • Track 10 : Radiation Oncology
    • Track 11 : Organ Specific Cancer

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Organizing Committee Member

Dr. Jie Xu
Jianhua Luo
Dr. Roland Sennerstam
Ziding Feng
Kazuko Tatsumura
Boguslaw Maciejewski
Michael Thompson
Ken H Young
Sayed attar
Richa Sharma
Ram Babu


Alessandro D'Amuri
 Talar Vartanoglu Aktokmakyan
Viswanath YKS
Roland Sennerstam
Jianhua Luo
Sankha Bhattacharya
Dr. Anushka Pillai
Michael J Gonzalez
Jyotirmoi Aich
 Ajit Kumar kushwaha
Rama Rao Malla
V.Vijaya Padma
Wei Ling Huang
Liqun Xia
G.P. Talwar
Alain Chapel
Pravin D. Potdar
Abhimanyu Mohanta
Janet Premlata Jeyapal
Urwashi Kumar
Hernando Lopez-Bertoni
Shaoying Li
Ram Babu
Dr. Jie Xu
Ankita Deshmukh
Michael Retsky
Kartikey Saxena
Shouhartha Choudhury
Taha Alqahtani
John K. Maesaka
Ashok Jain
Upendar Rao Golla
Ravi P. Sahu
Prem Ravi Varma
Emmanouil Karteris
Shilpi Gupta
Saptarshi Sinha
 Soshu Kirihara
 Manash K. Paul
Alessia Filippone
Isabella Panfoli

Market Research

Cancer is the subsequent driving reason for death worldwide and in all areas of the world. It has experienced a time of sensational monetary, social, and statistic change, bringing about expanded future and flourishing. The occurrence of all tumors is anticipated to 20% expansion by 2010-2030, fundamentally because of maturing and furthermore potentially because of expanded introduction to hazard factors for malignant growth. Bosom malignant growth is the most widely recognized disease among UAE females (and the most predominant malignancy in both genders joined), lung malignancy, prostate malignancy, and entrail caners are the most well-known tumors among guys yet is incredibly uncommon in females, which mirrors the pervasiveness of smoking (23.0% versus 0.5%, individually).

Cervical malignancy is the third most normally analyzed disease and the fourth driving reason for malignancy passing in females around the world, representing 9% (529,800) of the all out new malignancy cases and 8% (275,100) of the absolute malignancy passing among females. Over 85% of these cases and passing happen in creating nations. Lung disease is one of the most forceful tumors and survival following five years is low: just 10% of patients determined to have a dangerous neoplasm make due for over five years. Colorectal disease (of the colon and rectum), the most widely recognized dangerous tumors on the off chance that we bunch people together, presents a normal survival rate of 50-55%

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