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Welcome To
7th International Conference on

Material Science and Technology

THEME: Recent Advancement of Material Science and Technologies

About Material Science and Technology

"7th International Conference on Material Science and Technology'' is going to be held on May 17-18, 2024 on the theme "Recent advancement of material science and technologies". Materials Technology gives basic ideas related to the innovation of new materials and technologies for sustainability. The field of material science and engineering involves a wide range of sectors of market growth respectively like Engineering resins, Polymer alloys and blends, advanced batteries and fuel cells, and so on. The Materials Technology technical program is unmatched, addressing structure, properties, processing, and performance across the materials community. 

Target Audience:

  • Materials Scientists/Research Professors
  • Physicists/Chemists
  • Junior/Senior research fellows of Materials Science
  • Materials Engineers
  • Members of different Materials science associations.
  • Engineering Professors and Faculty
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Devices Software Developer Companies
  • Research Scholars and students
  • Metallurgical and Material Science Engineers

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Material Science and Engineering

Material Science is that part of science which manages the structure, properties, execution, portrayal and technique for materials that identifies development or assembling like metals, polymers, earthenware production and composites and so on. Through the assistance of the material science, we'll secure the historical backdrop of the material like physical and synthetic properties.

Track 2:  Advanced Materials & Material Chemistry

The extent of development of material science is to write about results that convey new recognitions into, or extensively tolerating the properties of materials or wonders related with their plan, union, preparing portrayal, and activity. Propelled materials are changing the manner in which organizations work together and requesting that R&D and designing groups keep up. At some random time, an organization or its rivals may dispatch another material or application that opens income potential and piece of the pie, meets neglected client needs, accomplishes gainfulness objectives or satisfies sustainability and administrative requirements.

Track 3: Nan

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : Material Science and Engineering
  • Track 2 : Advanced Materials & Material Chemistry
  • Track 3 : Nano Technology & Nano materials
  • Track 4 : Future of Materials
  • Track 5 : Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Track 6 : Energy Materials
  • Track 7 : Metals and Metallurgy
  • Track 8 : BioMaterials and Healthcare
  • Track 9 : Materials Science In Construction Engineering
  • Track 10 : 3D Printing with Biomaterials

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Organizing Committee Member

Jaroslaw W. Drelich
Dudarev Sergei
Ivan Chodák
Sumit Kumar Gupta
Ephraim Suhir
Aharon Gedanken
Ali Cheknane
Osman Adiguzel


Soshu Kirihara
Osman Adiguzel
Aharon Gedanken
Tokeer Ahmad
Vijayaraghavan R
Pedro Angeles Chero
Jean-Christophe P. Gabriel
Jaroslav Capek
Tajudeen Ayodele Adebileje
Edward P.C. Lai
Amir Sohail khan

Market Research

Market Value:

The global market is expected to reach $6,000 million by 2020, with a CAGR of 10.2 per cent between 2015 and 2020. Increased qualities such as high strength life, top quality and modulus, reduced weight, acoustic protection, and degree erosion resistance have led to an increase in demand. The unpredictability of crude material pricing, as well as the non-recyclable character of composites, pose an unprecedented danger to the market's development.

Market Forcast:

The global smart glass showcase market is expected to grow from USD 2.34 billion in 2015 to USD 8.13 billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 19.2 per cent between 2016 and 2022. The global material market was valued at $149 million in 2015, and is expected to reach $1,387 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 39.7% over the forecast period. In 2011, the global market for metallurgical components and powder shipments was 4.3 billion pounds ($20.7 billion), rising to around four billion pounds ($20.5 billion) in 2012. By 2018, this sector is expected to generate five.4 billion pounds (about $26.5 billion).

Scope and Importance

Materials Science is an expansive, different and multidisciplinary field. It is consistent cooperation with fundamental teaches and is additionally adding to address all Grand Societal Difficulties. This commitment is to such an extent that various reports have been delivered as of late in Europe and w

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