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World Congress on

Geology and Geoscience

THEME: Innovation in Geoscience - The Planetary Transformation
WEBINAR: International Web Conference
April 21-23, 2021
CONFERENCE: Toronto, Canada

International Webinar on Geology and Geoscience’’ is scheduled during April 21-23, 2021. Conference Mind welcomes all participants to share their recent research innovations which have prompt keynote talk, Oral talks, Poster talks, Workshops, and Exhibitions from all over the world to gather in the arena. Geology 2021 focused on the theme: “New Innovation in Geology and Geoscience”.  Geology Conference provides the best opportunity to showcase their recent research and advancement in the field of Geology & Geoscience. This conference gives a forum to interact and gear up a level of discussion which provides the benefits of attendance.  

This Geology 2021 Conferences will provide an exclusive platform to experiences among the best-available experts and professionals from all around the world engaged in several fields of Geology and Geosciences. We welcome proudly the recent Researchers, Academic scientists, Geologists, Professors, and Students of different Universities in the field of Geological studies and its relevant areas.

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Track 1: Geosciences and Applied Geology:

Geoscience or Earth science consists of all fields of herbal science associated with the planet Earth. This is a department of science dealing with the bodily and chemical charter of the Earth and its atmosphere. Earth science can be viewed to be a department of planetary science, however with a lot’s older history. Earth science encompasses four predominant branches of study, the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, and the biosphere, every of which is similarly damaged down into greater specialised fields.

Track 2: Pollution Treatment:

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants in the natural surroundings that intent negative amendment. Major sorts of air pollution include pollution, light-weight pollution, littering pollution, plastic pollution, soil contamination, radioactive contamination pollution, seen pollution. Pollution will show up as gas harming substances that region unit warming the earth via the nursery impact. A vary of methods neighbourhood unit enclosed like air pollution treatment, waste administration treatment, water air pollution treatment etc. Treatment consists of getting rid of air pollution from waste product thru a physical, chemical or process. A lot of price range-pleasant these strategies vicinity unit, the cleaner the water becomes.

Track 3: Geotechnical Engineering:

Geotechnics is engineering self-discipline that offer with soil and rock behaviour in an engineering perspective. It additionally includes assessing slope balance and the threat of landslide, rockfall and avalanches.

Track 4: Geophysics & Geochemistry:

Geophysics and geochemistry are two carefully intertwined and taking part branches of Earth’s science. They have roots in historical time, specifically geophysics. Geophysics is worried about bodily phenomena. 

Geochemistry offers with the distribution and cycling of the chemical elements, and their isotopes, at some stage in nature. It is of top-notch significance to perception the Earth and planets, and their starting place and nature.

Track 5: Mineralogy and Petrology:

Petrology is the study of rocks-igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary- and the method that structure and radically change them. Mineralogy is the find out about the chemistry, crystal shape and bodily home of the mineral ingredients of rocks.  Both petrological and mineralogical tactics are touchy to environmental conditions, so the compositions of rock and the minerals they consist of, are interrogated to reply integral questions throughout a vast vary of geological disciplines.

Track 6: Environmental Sustainability:

Environmental sustainability covers a vast vary of problems beginning from a particular place to global. Global troubles incorporate worries about GHG mitigation, local weather change, and renewable energy, whilst the location-specific troubles are soil erosion, water management, soil quality, and air and water pollution.

Track 7: Soil Science:

Soil science affords with soil as a herbal useful resource on the floor of the earth inclusive of soil formation, classification and mapping; physical, chemical, biological, and fertility residences of soils per se; and these residences in relation to the use and administration of soils.

 Track 8:  Global Warming:

Global warming, the enhancement of developing frequent air temperatures shut to the ground of Earth. Greenhouse gases rectangular measure chargeable for most of the ascertained temperature enlarges thinking about the reality that the centre of the twentieth century, which natural phenomena like image voltaic variant and volcanoes in all-hazard had a little warming quit end result from pre-industrial cases to 1950 and a little cooling cease end result later. Most neighbourhood climate scientists agree the most motive for the present heating trend is a human boom of the “greenhouse effect” global warming these penalties as quickly as the surroundings trap heat diverging from the Earth closer to the area.

Track 9:  Marine Geosciences:

Marine earth science or geological oceanography is that the find out about of the records and structure of the ocean floor. It consists of geology, geochemical, sedimentological and paleontological investigations of the ocean floor and coastal zone. Marine earth science has sturdy ties to geology and to bodily earth science. Marine take note environment centred on palaeontology, geobiology, pale-oceanography and archaeology, natural and inorganic atom biogeochemistry, marine minerals, carbonate sedimentology and as an end result in the bodily residences of sediments and crustal rocks. extended than half of our nation's populace lives amongst fifty miles of the coast.

Track 10: Seismology and Volcanology:

Seismology and volcanology are sciences investigating two excessively fascinating and disastrous herbal phenomena- earthquakes and volcanoes. Among the mess-ups on Earth, earthquakes must be labelled as the most adverse one.

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  • Track 1 : Geosciences and Applied Geology
  • Track 2 : Pollution Treatment
  • Track 3 : Geo-technical Engineering
  • Track 4 : Geophysics & Geochemistry
  • Track 5 : Mineralogy and Petrology
  • Track 6 : Environmental Sustainability
  • Track 7 : Soil Science
  • Track 8 : Global Warming
  • Track 9 : Marine Geosciences
  • Track 10 : Seismology and Volcanology

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Organizing Committee

Naser Ebadati

Naser Ebadati


Zamink Research Center Islamic Azad University, Iran

Igan S. Sutawidjaja

Igan S. Sutawidjaja

Earth Researcher

Padjadjaran University, Indonesia

Mukesh Singh Boori

Mukesh Singh Boori

Senior Scientist

Samara State Aerospace University, Russia

James P. Llorca

James P. Llorca

General Manager



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