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World Congress on


THEME: A step towards future energy

WEBINAR: International Web Conference

September 25-26, 2020         Goa, India
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The World Congress on Energy has been scheduled during September 25-26, 2020 in Goa, India. Energy Conference tends to current issues just as future systems of the worldwide energy industry. This Conference gives a phase to globalize the trade between research foundations and industry. This event gives a mind-blowing opportunity to talk about the latest progressions in the field. This is a stage for academicians, analysts, engineers, from everywhere throughout the world to show their examination results and exercises in the vitality area. This conference offers a chance to trade data, encounters and best practices among speculators and different partners. Energy Congress accumulates all the worldwide pioneers in Energy division to share their examination at this selective logical program, The meeting illuminates interesting points and ongoing exploration in the field of Renewable Energy, Green Energy and Economy, Advanced Materials for Energy Storage, Generation and Transmission, Hybrid Renewable Energy Approaches, Biofuels and Bio-vitality, Sustainable Nuclear Energy, Solar, and Wind Energy, Hydro Power Generation, Marine - Tidal and Wave Energy, Smart Grid Systems, and some more.

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Track 1Renewable, Sustainable Energy and Resources

Sustainable power source Meetings welcomes chats on the maintainable power source is energy that is obtained from a customary methodology which is revived always. This incorporates daylight, wind, tides, water, geothermal warmth, and various sorts of biomass. This Energy can't be exhaust and is every now and again revived. Sustainable power source advancements range from sun based power, wind control, hydroelectricity, biomass and bio powers for transportation. The rustic charge has made significant efficiency gains, it furthermore utilizes a lot of energy.

Track 2: Bioenergy, Biofuels, and Biomass

The commercial center for biofuels developed dependent on demand from the vehicle segment, especially street vehicles that utilization biofuels either in unadulterated kind or mixed into standard non-renewable energy sources. Also, since 2010 distinct markets for biodiesel and bioethanol, on the far side their center utilization in street transport, have risen. Biofuels started to be utilized on more and bigger scales in aeronautics, to get power, for cookery and even in sea transport.

Track 3: Recycling of Waste Energy

Around one.6 million person's worldwide a functioning inside the activity business. Together, they handle every 600 million tons of recyclables once every year. With A yearly turnover of very $200 billion, practically like the total national output of countries like Portuguese Republic, Colombia, and Asian country, the field has just turned into a key driver for tomorrow's property improvement.

Track 4: Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Atomic power is presently a sustainable source, yet could turn out to be totally inexhaustible if the wellspring of uranium changed from mined metal to seawater. Since U extricated is ceaselessly recharged through geologic procedures, atomic would end up as interminable as sun based. "Not everything inexhaustible is economical, and thus not everything which is feasible is fundamentally sustainable."

Track 5: Solar and Wind Energy

The earth catches bunches of sun-powered power, 173 trillion terawatts to be explicit. That is truly ten thousand more power than the whole total populace uses. This approves the way that the sun is the amplest wellspring of vitality on the whole globe and that it would one be able today be the most dependent wellspring of vitality. Mix sun based breeze power is an elective way to deal with delivering clean, non-contaminating vitality from two of the most copious sustainable power sources. This framework utilizes a half breed sunlight based board and wind turbine generator to make power which is then put away in batteries.

Track 6: Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the warmth from the Earth. Geothermal fields produce just around one-6th of the carbon dioxide that a moderately perfect gaseous petrol filled power plant produces. Parallel plants discharge basically no outflows. Not at all like sunlight based and wind vitality, geothermal vitality is constantly accessible, 365 days a year. The principal concern is the arrival of hydrogen sulfide, a gas that scents like a spoiled egg at low focuses. Another worry is the transfer of some geothermal liquids, which may contain low dimensions of poisonous materials.

Track 7: Smart Grid Systems

A smart grid innovation is fundamental to give simple incorporation and solid support of the shoppers. A keen matrix framework is an independent power organize framework dependent on computerized computerization innovation for observing, control, and investigation inside the store network. This framework can discover the answer for the issues in all respects rapidly in an existed framework that can diminish the workforce and it will targets supportable, solid, protected and quality power to all buyers. The keen matrix can be characterized as a shrewd electrical system that consolidates the electrical system and savvy computerized correspondence innovation.

Track 8: Advanced Materials for Energy Storage, Generation, and Transmission

Lately, there have been different focused on calls for materials inquire about, both nonexclusive and focused. In the meantime propelled materials have been upheld as a fundamental innovation, which named as one of the eight extraordinary advancements that are of national significance. The attention to created materials has been complement by the setting up of the Advanced Materials Leadership Council (AMLC) on Dec 2014 to give significant exhortation and solid initiative to enable degree improvement of cutting edge materials applications for further uses. The AMLC features propelled materials for energy.

Track 9: Energy and Environment

Energy and environment are co-related in the mechanical and coherent perspectives which incorporates imperativeness conservation, and the association of essentialness structures and systems with the physical condition. The elements of biological carbon dioxide have stretched out by 31% in the extent of 1800 and 2000, going from 280 fragments for each million to 367 territories for every million. Analysts anticipate that carbon dioxide levels could be as high as 970 regions for each million ceaselessly 2100. Different components are responsible for this improvement, for instance, advance in regards to sensible parameters of essentialness converters, explicitly, update capability; surges characteristics and broadened lifetime. Different trademark strategies have been executed over the globe for lessening of GHG discharges for the headway of normal condition.

Track 10: Biorefineries and Bioethanol

Biorefinery is an inside that associations biomass change techniques and apparatus to produce fortifies, power, warmth, and synthetic substances from biomass. The biorefinery thought is parallel to the present petroleum treatment facility, which makes particular animates and things from oil. A biorefinery, for example, can convey one or several low-volume, yet high-respect, substance or nutraceutical things and a low-respect, anyway high-volume fluid transportation fuel, for example, biodiesel. In the interim making power and procedure warm, by joined warmth and power (CHP) advancement, for its very own particular use and perhaps satisfactory available to be gotten of vitality to the territory utility. Future biorefineries may acknowledge a critical part in yielding synthetic substances and materials that are generally expelled from oil. Gathering on Chemical Engineering includes thought regarding in this field. Organically gathered alcohols, most a significant part of the time ethanol, and now and again propanol and butanol, are formed by the reaction of microorganisms and mixes through the development of sugars or starches, or cellulose. Ethanol fuel is the most extensively used biofuel around the globe. Liquor energizes are molded by the maturation of sugars acquired from wheat, sugar beets, corn, molasses, sugar stick and any sugar or starch from which jazzed up blenders, for instance, bourbon, can be conveyed.

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  • Track 1 : Renewable, Sustainable Energy and Resources
  • Track 2 : Bioenergy, Biofuels and Biomass
  • Track 3 : Recycling of Waste Energy
  • Track 4 : Sustainable Nuclear Energy
  • Track 5 : Solar and Wind Energy
  • Track 6 : Geothermal Energy
  • Track 7 : Smart Grid Systems
  • Track 8 : Advanced Materials for Energy Storage, Generation and Transmission
  • Track 9 : Energy and Environment
  • Track 10 : Biorefineries and Bioethanol
  • Track 11 : Petroleum Engineering and Natural Gas Recovery

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Organizing Committee

Rohit Dev

Rohit Dev

Chief Operating Officer

Punjab Renewable Energy Systems Private Limited, India

Janaina Camile Pasqual Lofhagen

University of Parana, Brazil

Kamesh Salam

Cane and Bamboo Value Chain Management Pvt Ltd, India

Ramesh K. Agarwal

Ramesh K. Agarwal


Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Hans Henning Judek

J.E. Access Ltd., Japan

Pradip Lingfa

North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, India

Lingai Luo

Lingai Luo

Research Director

French National Center for Scientific Research, France

Tabrez Ahmad

Galgotias University, India

Abhishek Asthana

Abhishek Asthana

Director of Hallam Energy

Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Christo Boyadjiev

Christo Boyadjiev


Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria

Lt Col Monish Ahuja (Retd)

Lt Col Monish Ahuja (Retd)

Managing Director

Punjab Renewable Energy Systems Private Limited, India



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