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Welcome To
International Conference on

Nephrology & Urology

THEME: Recent trends in the field of Nephrology & Urology

WEBINAR: International Web Conference

November 25-27, 2020         Singapore City, Singapore
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The “International Conference on Nephrology & Urology” which will be held in Singapore City, Singapore during November 25-27, 2020. Nephrology Conference provides a platform for Nephrologists, Urologists, Doctors,  Kidney Specialists, Scientists and Researchers, Professors, Pharmaceutical Companies, to be part of this conference and share and exchange their research knowledge in this field. Nephrology 2020 Conference emphasizes the theme of “Recent Trends in the field of Nephrology”.  

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Track 1: Advanced Nephrology

Nephrology is part of medicine and pediatrics that stresses the assurance and treatment of kidney illnesses, including electrolyte disrupting impacts and hypertension, the consideration of that requiring renal substitution treatment, including dialysis and renal transplant patients. Various illnesses impacting the kidney are basic issue not limited to the organ itself and may require unprecedented treatment. Representations fuse acquired conditions, for instance, principal vasculitides and resistant framework sicknesses (e.g., lupus), and likewise intrinsic or innate conditions, for instance, polycystic kidney disease. Patients have implied nephrology authorities after a urinalysis, for various reasons, for instance, exceptional kidney disillusionment, incessant kidney disease, hematuria, proteinuria, kidney stones, hypertension, and messes of destructive or electrolytes. This Nephrology Conference incorporates a theme, for example, Medullary wipe kidney, Multicystic Renal dysplasia and infinitesimal, Normal grown-up kidney, cross-segment, gross, Cut area of Kidney, Kidney glomerulus parietal cell, Kidney glomerulus podocyte, Artificial kidney, Pelvic kidney.

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Track 2: Clinical Nephrology

Clinical Nephrology covers the end and treatment of the renal tissue, including fundamental and discretionary hypertension. Different contaminations affecting the kidney are primary scatters not constrained to the organ itself, and may require surprising treatment. Portrayals unite gained conditions, for example, frameworks, exceptional kidney dissatisfaction, hematuria, proteinuria, unending kidney illnesses, kidney stones, hypertension, and disarranges of destructive/base or electrolyte. This Nephrology Meeting will cover the point, for example, Onconephrology, Thrombotic microangiopathy, Kidney care Physicians, Kidney care Physicians, Nephritis, Nephrectomy, Nephrotoxicity, Nephronophthisis, Renal Pediatricians, Chemotherapy.

Track 3: Urology and Rheumatology

A Rheumatologist is a doctor who centers in the field of restorative sub-claim to fame called rheumatology. Rheumatology is a therapeutic claim to fame encompassing the full scope of a rheumatic issue considering regular sicknesses such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid joint inflammation, and gout. Less regular infections, for example, encasing spondylitis, psoriatic joint inflammation and immune system conditions, for example, lupus and scleroderma are likewise included.

Track 4: Pediatric Nephrology

The examination of pediatric nephrology chooses assurance and organization of children with an unremitting and extreme kidney issue. The division of pediatric nephrology assesses and treats hypertension, hematuria, proteinuria, renal cylindrical acidosis, nephrolithiasis, glomerulonephritis and kidney hurt in children. It moreover joins completion care to pediatric patients with end sort out kidney issue, including thought to patients experiencing peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis and kidney transplantation in infants. This Pediatric Nephrology event will cover the subject, for example, Pediatric Renal Nutrition, Pediatric Renal Transplantation, Kidney Care in kids, Pediatric Kidney Dialysis, Pediatric Kidney stones, Pediatric Nephritis, Advances in Pediatric Kidney Operation, Pediatric ceaseless hemodialysis, Pediatric Urology.

Track 5: Urology

Urology is the subpart of the prescription that manages the investigation of explicit careful and medicinal illnesses of the female and male's urinary tract framework. As the urinary tract and the conceptive tract are all-around firmly connected to one another, so the infection influencing one of them will influence the different also.

Track 6: Nephrology Nursing

Nephrology Nursing is an arranged endeavor to fabricate nursing data by the revelation of new substances through conscious inquiry. It joins Improvement in industrious consideration, the diminished expense of kidney mind game plan, Accountability and confirmation against a suit, Addition to the present gathering of nursing learning, Enhancement of nursing as a calling. This Nephrology Conference will cover the theme, for example, Hemodialysis Nurse, Care for kidney ailments, vascular access coordinator, Peritoneal dialysis Nurse, Transplant facilitator, Clinical therapeutic specialist expert, Nurse master, Pharmaceutical operator, Nurse examiner, and Educator.

Track 7:  Renal Nutrition and Metabolism

Renal nutrition is concerned about the exceptional healthful needs of kidney patients. Renal nourishment is worried about guaranteeing that kidney patients eat the correct sustenances to make dialysis proficient and improve wellbeing. Dialysis facilities have dieticians on staff who help patients plan suppers. Standard rules are: eating all the more high protein nourishments, and less high salt, high potassium, and high phosphorus sustenances. Patients are additionally exhorted on safe liquid admission levels.

Track 8:  Nephrology and Therapeutics

Nephrology is a class of drug that manages the pollutions of the kidneys and bladders and it focuses on the examination and activity of Nephrology diseases. The kidneys are coordinated retroperitoneal organs that lie at the dimension of the T12 to L3 vertebral bodies. The kidney has a stringy case, which is included by Para renal fat. The kidney itself can be isolated into renal parenchyma, including renal cortex and medulla, and the renal sinus containing renal pelvis, calyces, renal vessels, and nerves, lymphatic and per renal fat. This renal parenchyma has two layers: cortex and medulla.

Track 9:  Kidney Transplantation

Kidney transplantation is ordinarily classified as deceased-donor or living-benefactor transplantation relying upon the wellspring of the contributor organ. Living-benefactor renal transplants are additionally portrayed as hereditarily related (living-related) or non-related (living-inconsequential) transplants, contingent upon whether a natural relationship exists between the giver and beneficiary.

Track 10: Stem Cells in Renal Disorders

Our kidneys help develops the correct equalization of salts and minerals in our blood. They moreover channel through poisons and produce significant hormones. Nephrons are the key working fragments of the kidney. Kidney contaminations are brought about by mischief to nephrons, which can be abrupt and brief (intense kidney Disease) or Slow and dynamic (Chronic kidney ailment). Scientists are looking at how undifferentiated cells may help kidneys to fix hurt nephrons and restore kidney work. Researchers are mulling over how the kidney can recoup itself and what sorts of kidney cells are related to this system. It is yet not clear which kind of cells are locked in with kidney recuperation.

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  • Track 1 : Advanced Nephrology
  • Track 2 : Clinical Nephrology
  • Track 3 : Urology and Rheumatology
  • Track 4 : Pediatric Nephrology
  • Track 5 : Urology & Stem cell Therapy
  • Track 6 : Nephrology Nursing
  • Track 7 : Renal Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Track 8 : Nephrology and Therapeutics
  • Track 9 : Kidney Transplantation
  • Track 10 : Stem Cells in Renal Disorders
  • Track 11 : Application of Nanotechnology in Nephrology

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Organizing Committee

Mirey Karavetian

Mirey Karavetian

Associate Professor

Zayed University, UAE

Alexander Seifalian

The London BioScience Innovation Centre, United Kingdom

Hesham Abdelkawy Hassan

Wady Ad wasair Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Rodolfo Javier Gordillo de Anda

Rodolfo Javier Gordillo de Anda


Hospital Medica Sur, Mexico

Haluk Kulaksizoglu

Haluk Kulaksizoglu


American Aesthetic Medical Center, UAE

Umesh Prabhu

Umesh Prabhu

Medical Director

Bury NHS Trust, UK

Dr. Rajinder Yadav

Rajinder Yadav


Fortis Hospital, India

Fumihiko Hinoshita

Fumihiko Hinoshita

Head of Department of Nephrology

National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan

Omar Ibrik Ibrik

Omar Ibrik Ibrik


Hospital de Mollet, Barcelona, Spain

Joao Paulo Zambon

Joao Paulo Zambon

Medical Director

Merck Inc., USA

Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta


Fortis Hospital, India



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