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International Conference on


THEME: Current trends and future directions in the field of Microfluidics

June 25 - 26, 2020         Singapore City, Singapore
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International Conference on Microfluidics  welcomes the global audience to participate in the conference which is to be held June 25 - 26, 2020, Singapore City, Singapore. The main theme of the conference is “Current trends and future directions in the field of Microfluidics”. Microfluidics workshops  continues being an energizing and quickly creating a region in the life sciences with a persistently extending scope of utilizations. This conference will bring together engineers, scientists, and practitioners to showcase the newest developments and discuss future directions in microfluidic technologies and their applications in complex systems, broadly defined. The topics will be wide-ranging, including chemical synthesis, separations, advanced manufacturing approaches, energy and the environment, multiphase and colloidal systems, systems biology, synthetic biology, biophysics, organs-on-a-chip, and precision medicine. The scientific program includes keynote & plenary talks, video presentations, poster presentations and e-posters. Furthermore, oral communications of Postdoctoral junior scientists will be considered. It Is the goal of the organizers to make this meeting an event of scientific excellence, attractive to both industrial and academic scientists in microfluidics and fluid mechanics.

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Track 1: Microfluidics Research and Advances

Microfluidics relates to framework and investigation of gadgets which move or break down a little measure of liquid, littler than a bead. Microfluidic gatherings manage the development research and its gadgets have smaller-scale channels running from submicron to a couple of millimeters. To think about, a human hair is around 100 microns thick. Microfluidics has been exceptionally used as a piece of the natural sciences, controlled examinations can be driven at cut down expense and faster pace. Lab-on-a-Chip gadgets use microfluidics for applications, for instance, Point-of-Care testing of contaminations, or Organ-on-a-Chip considers.

Track 2: Nanofluidics Research

Nano-fluidics advancements are ascending as extraordinary engaging gadgets for finding and checking of overpowering maladies in both created and creating nations. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics research and downsized Nano-fluidics and Micro-fluidic stages that unquestionably control minimal fluid volumes can be used to engage helpful finding in an all the more quick and exact way. In particular, Nanofluidics and Microfluidics workshops manages expository advances are possibly pertinent to overall prosperity applications since they are superfluous, modest, helpful, and easy-to-use for disclosure of overwhelming diseases. In this paper, we review late advances in Nano and microfluidic meetings and its developments for a clinical reason for mind applications at resource confined settings in making countries.

Track 3: Microfluidic Chip

Microfluidic-chips are ordinarily made by making thin sections or little wells on the surface of a layer, and after that encasing those features by techniques for a minute layer to shape smaller-scale channels or chambers. Microfluidic Chip centers around diverts ought to be fixed in the manner layers must be appropriately fortified. Dependent upon material choice, the channels are made through fragile lithography, hot decorating, mixture forming, little scale machining, or cutting. 3D printing may be used for conveying microfluidic chips, regardless of the way that it has authentic obstructions to the extent least component gauge, surface obnoxiousness, optical straightforwardness, or choice of material.

Track 4: Microfluidics in Drug Delivery and Formulations

The science and planning of fluid streams in a miniaturized scale can be the reaction for an increasingly fruitful and concentrated on the sedate association. Drug store workshops identified with medication conveyance manages the investigation of how the medication discharged into the body. Without a doubt, one of microfluidics' essential applications, the indicated lab-on-a-chip (LOC) can give a phase to both prescription blend and transport. These two perspectives are fundamental and altogether related to a conventional release into the living being. In addition, the use of microfluidic gadgets for the calm association has various focal points, for instance, the diminishing of both torment and risk of responses. Finally, contiguous the recently referenced inclinations, microfluidics secures help overhauls cost, convenience, prosperity, and transportability.

Track 5: Microfluidics in Nano-medicine

Nanomedicine is the medicinal utilization of nanotechnology for the treatment and counteractive action of real illnesses, including malignant growth and cardiovascular sicknesses. Therapeutic workshops related to microfluidic nanomedicines are numerous such materials neglect to achieve clinical preliminaries because of basic difficulties that include poor reproducibility in huge volume creation that has prompted the disappointment in creature considers and clinical preliminaries. Ongoing examination utilizing microfluidic innovation has furnished rising stages with high potential to quicken the clinical interpretation of nanomedicine.

Track 6: Nano-Materials and Nano-Technology

Nanomaterials advantage from microfluidics regarding union and reenactment of situations for nanomotors and nanorobots. Microfluidics courses in social to materials and innovation make straightforward nanoparticles. As we would see it, the "marriage" of nanomaterials and microfluidics is very valuable and is required to comprehend crucial difficulties in related fields.

Track 7: Microfluidics in Pharmacy

Changing your IVD test or pharmaceutical gadget into a totally planned in a microfluidic item is our movement. Pharmacy workshops identified with medications conveyance manages microfluidics ponder, One of our key characteristics is the ability to give novel planning arrangements where customary assembling procedure are never again substantial. The troubles that we reliably address include the thought of littler scale estimated features; and moreover the diagram and collecting of a couple of sorts of scaled downscale structure headways (Silicon, SU-8 and steel), the blend of scaled downscale and full scale features, blends of procedure steps, testing social affair steps, stringent QC requirements and packaging of the last thing.

Track 8: Microfluidic Biotechnology

Microfluidics enables biotechnological strategies to proceed on a scale (microns) at which physical systems, for instance, osmotic advancement, and electrophoretic-motility and surface associations wind up perceptibly redesigned. At the small scale test volumes and measure, times are diminished, and procedural costs are cut down. The adaptability of microfluidic gadgets grants interfacing with current systems and advancements. Microfluidics has been associated with DNA examination methods and seemed to animate DNA microarray test hybridization times. The associating of microfluidics to protein examination advances, for example, mass spectrometry, enables Pico mole proportions of a peptide to be bankrupt down inside a controlled little scale condition. The flexibility of microfluidics occasions will empower its abuse in test improvement over various biotechnological disciplines.

Track 9: Bio-MEMS/NEMS and Chips

Micro-scale/Nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) should be proposed to perform anticipated limits to sum things up ranges, normally in the millisecond to picosecond broaden. Most mechanical properties are known to be scale subordinate, thusly, the properties of Nanoscale structures ought to be assessed. Bionics is the utilization of natural techniques and frameworks found in nature to the examination and plan of planning frameworks and present-day development. Bionics suggests the substitution or overhaul of organs or other body parts by mechanical interpretations. Bionic additions differentiate from minor prostheses by replicating the primary limit eagerly, or despite outflanking it. Biomechanical self-sufficiency is the usage of common characteristics in living structures as the learning base for developing new robot diagrams. The term can moreover insinuate the use of common models as down to earth robot portions. Biomechanical innovation joins the fields of software engineering, bionics, science, physiology, and innate structure.

Track 10: Lab-On-A-Chip Technology

Lab-on-a-chip refers to progress which permits tasks which normally require a lab - association, and examination of synthetics - on an astoundingly downsized scale, inside an adaptable or handheld device. There are numerous favorable circumstances to taking a shot at this scale. Examination of tests can happen in situ, definitely where the examples are made, instead of being transported around to a broad research focus office. The qualifications in fluid components on a little scale infer that it is less requesting to control the advancement and relationship of tests, making reactions extensively progressively powerful, and diminishing substance waste. The essential test to headway of lab-on-a-chip gadgets is the diagram and making of devices on a little scale which is down to earth and monetarily astute. Starting late, advances in materials, and in small scale and nanofabrication methods, have allowed different lab-on-a-chip sort gadgets to be collected and attempted.

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  • Track 1 : Microfluidics Research and Advances
  • Track 2 : Nanofluidics Research
  • Track 3 : Microfluidic Chip
  • Track 4 : Microfluidics in Drug Delivery and Formulations
  • Track 5 : Microfluids in Nano-medicine
  • Track 5 : Microfluids in Nano-medicine
  • Track 6 : Nano-Materials and Nano-Technology
  • Track 7 : Microfluidics in Pharmacy
  • Track 8 : Microfluidic Biotechnology
  • Track 9 : Bio-MEMS/NEMS and Chips
  • Track 10 : Lab-On-A-Chip Technology

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