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International Conference on

Data Mining and Data Analysis

THEME: Building the data driven future of Data Mining and Analysis
WEBINAR: International Web Conference
February 24-25, 2021

International Webinar on Data Mining and Data Analysis 2021 to be held during February 24-25, 2021. This 2 days Webinar includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talk, presentations.

We are honored to welcome all the interested and passionate participants all across the globe to its esteemed “International Webinar on Data Mining and Data Analysis”. Through the theme, “Building the data-driven future of Data Mining and Analysis” This Webinar aimed to expand its coverage in the areas of Big Data and Data Mining youthful scientist's introductions will be put in each meeting of the gathering will be enlivened and keep up your excitement.

Data Mining, the extraction of concealed prescient data from huge data sets, is an amazing new innovation with extraordinary potential to assist organizations with concentrating on the most significant data in their information stockrooms. Information mining instruments anticipate future patterns and practices, permitting organizations to make proactive, information driven choices. The robotized, planned investigations offered by information mining move past the examinations of past occasions gave by review devices ordinary of choice emotionally supportive networks. Information mining instruments can address business addresses that generally were too tedious to determine

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Track 1: Data Mining and its Applications.

Data mining is the way toward finding examples to remove data with a shrewd technique from an informational collection and change the data into an intelligible structure for additional utilization. Information mining is the point by point assessment venture of the "information revelation in data sets" measure. These applications relate Data mining structures in authentic money related business domain assessment, Application of information mining in situating, Data mining and Web Application, Engineering information mining, Data Mining in safety, Social Data Mining, Neural Networks and Data Mining, Medical Data Mining, Data Mining in Healthcare.

Track 2: Big Data in Nursing Research

With progresses in innovations, nurture researchers are progressively creating and utilizing enormous and complex datasets, now and again called "Large Data," to advance and improve Health Conditions. New methodologies for gathering and itemized assessment huge datasets will permit us to all the more likely comprehend the organic, hereditary, and conduct underpinnings of wellbeing, and to improve the manner in which we forestall and oversee disease.

Track 3: Big data for Industry

Over recent years, big data has become a distinct advantage in practically all enterprises. As large information is spreading wide in our day by day exercises, individuals are concentrating generally on the estimation of huge information more than its noteworthiness. A large portion of the associations set up objectives for embracing huge information ventures, which incorporates objectives, for example, improving client experience, cost decrease, better advertising, successful dynamic and so on., Due to data penetrates, which means arrival of secret or private data  either deliberately or unexpectedly, have made security a significant objective in enormous information task to work safely. Huge information empowers enveloping the bigger image of all the gathered information which further makes it simple to distinguish designs and get the necessary data for critical thinking and dynamic. In an assembling industry, this huge information is joined with assembling programming for data mining.

Track 4: Big Data Technologies

Big Data is the name given to tremendous measures of information. As the data roll in from an assortment of sources, it could be excessively various and excessively enormous for customary advancements to deal with. This makes it critical to have what it takes and foundation to deal with it shrewdly. There are a considerable lot of the big data arrangements that are especially mainstream right currently fit for the utilization.

Track 5: Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics test and dissect tremendous measures of data to i.e., big data - to reveal concealed examples, obscure co-relations, market patterns, client inclinations and other valuable data that can assist associations with settling on more-educated business choices. Work and convey by particular examination frameworks and programming, big data investigation can lay the best approach to different business benefits, including new income openings, more powerful promoting, improved operational proficiency, upper hands and better client care.

Track 6: Big Data Algorithm

Big data is data of wide range that it does not fit in the main memory of a single machine, and the need to process big data by organised algorithms arises in machine learning, scientific computing, signal processing, Internet search, network traffic monitoring and some other areas. Data must be processed with advanced tools (analytics and algorithms) to make meaningful information.

Track 7: Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

Artificial Intelligence is demonstrating its ascent all finished and it didn't leave operational exercises in business behind. Utilization of AI, large information examination, and other counterfeit advancements for computerization of distinguishing and settling the basic data innovation issues, is alluded as Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. Sort of insight framework intended for genuine applications at business scale is called as Operational Artificial Intelligence. It is not quite the same as essential counterfeit examination and mechanical man-made consciousness applications which are not the same as the normal utilization of business.

Track 8: Personalization with Deep Learning

Making or creating something to meet the individual prerequisites of an individual is called as Personalization. Meeting those individual inclinations and necessities in machines is conceivable through profound learning in AI. Personalization empowers a client to encounter the administrations which are explicitly customized according to his/her inclinations and significance. This is conceivable through information learning through the data sources that are given by the clients and showing the outcomes according to the client's decision. Crude information given by the clients is taken by the machines through different handling layers where yield of past layer is taken as contribution of present layer, etc utilizing profound learning calculations. This personalization improves the general understanding of the client which helps in expanding deals and better client commitment in business. AI can upgrade personalization through prescient examination of information. Understanding the information, Content advancement and significance are the principle parts of personalization with Deep Learning.

Track 9: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the conveyance of processing administrations—workers, stockpiling, information bases, organizing, programming, investigation, and that's only the tip of the iceberg—over the Internet ("the cloud"). Distributed computing depends on sharing of assets to accomplish coordination and economies of scale, like an open utility. Organizations offering these registering administrations are called cloud suppliers and regularly charge for distributed computing administrations dependent on use.

Track 10: Business Analytics

Business analytics alludes to the abilities, advances, rehearses for ceaseless rerun investigation and examination of past business execution to pick up understanding and drive business arranging. Business investigation is utilized by organizations sanction data driven dynamic.

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  • Track 1 : Data Mining and its Applications
  • Track 2 : Big Data in Nursing Research
  • Track 3 : Big data for Industry
  • Track 4 : Big Data Technologies
  • Track 5 : Big Data Analytics
  • Track 6 : Big Data Algorithm
  • Track 7 : Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations
  • Track 8 : Personalization with Deep Learning
  • Track 9 : Cloud Computing
  • Track 10 : Business Analytics

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